James Hetfield...

A very young Hetfield, when it all started...

Many people consider him a God, not a demigod, regardless of what he says or does. But Metallica's frontman has gone through different stages in his career.

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He was pretty much a kid when he started.

Mmmm... not bad
Then we went through a very interesting stage (quick reminder: this post is all about looks):




He then proceeded to break our hearts in one million pieces by...

Metallica (James Hetfield) @ Birmingham LG Arena 25-03-09
chopping off his locks.

And then, he even dared to grow older

Meeting the one and only James Hetfield

and do the things that married men do.

LoLMetalHead - James Hetfield Shops

However, he has aged much better than others of our "Then and now/now and then" series.


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