brandon boyd Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, another one of the "he had to be here" series.

Brandon Boyd Pictures, Images and Photos

This series features men who shouldn't be here.

Brando boyd Pictures, Images and Photos

Except for the fact that they're so hot and nice to look at that nobody will complain.

brandon boyd..!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Such is the case of Incubus' frontman, Brandon Boyd.

Brandon Boyd Pictures, Images and Photos

He plays no metal and doesn't even rock long hair any longer.

brandon boyd Pictures, Images and Photos
First time in my life I wouldn't mind being a rat

He's the kind of guy you could talk about quantum physics or art with

should you feel the need to talk at all if he was in front of you!

Now that the summer holidays are over and the winter cold is upon us, let's get some more hotness to warm our hearts, girls!

What do you think of Mr. Henkka a.k.a Blacksmith? 

He strums his guitar for the cult Finnish band Children of Bodom.

He looks like charming prince in some pictures, and in others like a warrior:

Oh, mammamia! 

(I'm thinking of moving to Finland one of these days...)
A day like today would have been Dimebag Darrell's birthday. He would have turned 45.


But the 8th of december, 2004, Dimebag Darrell's life ended in a dramatic way.

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