Many things have happened in the life of Kristian Varg Vikernes in all these years.

In the very beginning, those days when all the Black Metal scene was exploding in Norway, things went very crazy.

Varg was one of the guys whose craziness outdid the rest.

So much that he has spent the last 16 years of his life in a Tromsø prison for killing Euronymous, plus other charges (I still remember the smell of Fantoft stavkirke burning...).

Keep reading to see him today.

It was one year ago today that Peter Steele died.

Peter Steele was huge in many senses

(no pun intended)

Demigods are mortals, it seems.

Keep on reading to see one of his ever famous shots for Playgirl and watch one of Type O Negative's videos... Leave this page right now if you're under 18. Let me rephrase it: There's a link to a photo of a very big PENIS below.

The hottest and manliest man to pop out in the music scene is, no doubt, Bill Kaulitz.

Bite me... ?

I could be his mother but, had I been born a few years ago, I'd be his fan

I wanna be that glass of milk!

I'd chase him around the world

and even learn German for him.

Süss, oder?

The metal riffs of his band, Tokio Hotel, drive me nuts. Go check them out:

This post was posted April 1st, 2011. Happy April's Fools day!

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