After this time recovering from the excitement of the previous posts, Metal Demigods comes back with new Demigods for your enjoyment. Todays man is going to make up for all these weeks without updates

Behold, mortals, for this man is going to bring you to lusty tears...

If you want to know more about this out-of-this-world-dude, keep reeding.

Teemu Mäntysaari (yep, another Finn) plays guitar for Wintersun.

Try to look beyond his abs and you'll see a nice landscape
If you live in Helsinki, you should know this man gives private guitar lessons.

The pics are blatantly stolen from this man's Myspace (linked above).

You can listen to Wintersun live here (or even better, at the next Metalfest in Germany, in 2011).

Have a look at all the bands for the next Metalfest, it's going to rock!!:

Viking MetalSwedenMyspace
 Power MetalSwedenMyspace
 Melodic DeathSwedenMyspace
 Dark MetalEnglandMyspace
 Heavy MetalEnglandMyspace
 Melodic DeathFinlandMyspace
 Melodic DeathFinlandMyspace
 Thrash MetalGermanyMyspace
 Pagan MetalGermanyMyspace
 Death MetalSwedenMyspace
 WATAINBlack MetalSwedenMyspace
 EISREGENDark MetalGermanyMyspace
 Thrash MetalGermanyMyspace
 PRIMORDIALPagan MetalIrelandMyspace
 ARKONAPagan MetalRussiaMyspace
 TANKARDThrash MetalGermanyMyspace
 Thrash MetalGreeceMyspace
 Death MetalUSAMyspace
 Mod. DeathFinlandMyspace
 Melodic DeathDenmarkMyspace
 Epic DoomUSAMyspace
 Black MetalGermanyMyspace
 Black MetalGermanyMyspace
 Death MetalBrasilMyspace
 Death MetalSwedenMyspace
 Black MetalGermanyMyspace
 ALCESTBlack MetalFranceMyspace
 Power MetalFinlandMyspace
 Pagan MetalFinlandMyspace
 EXCR. GRINDFUCKERSFun MetalGermanyMyspace
 PURGATORYDeath MetalGermanyMyspace
 ANDRASPagan MetalGermanyMyspace
 POSTMORTEMDeath MetalGermanyMyspace
 RAWThrash MetalGermanyMyspace
 DEATHTRIPMod. DeathGermanyMyspace
 MEMORIAMBlack FolkGermanyMyspace
 NORTHERIONMelodic MetalGermanyMyspace
 VAGABONDThrash MetalGermanyMyspace
 ETERNAL SLEEPSymph. MetalGermanyMyspace
 SKADIKAViking MetalGermanyMyspace
 PLENTY OF NAILSMelodic DeathGermanyMyspace
 FINAL DEPRAVITYThrash DeathGermanyMyspace


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he's looking for American citizenship...I'd marry him...yum

Metalhead said...

It's no use. I can't see the landscape. Only the body.

Anonymous said...

so hot!!

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