If you feel you got lost in an elves gathering,you're probably watching an Ensiferum's concert.

Their frontman, Petri Lindroos, is partly to blame for this, with his elfish king looks.

Mmmm, me likey!

Petri Lindroos (1980, Espoo, Finland) plays guitar and sings for the viking metal band Ensiferum. Their latest album is called "From Afar". Here is the video for the title track:


Metalhead said...

I found out by accident at their slot supporting Bodom earlier this year that Petri doesn't wear underwear. They turned out on stage wearing their instruments, kilts, boots, warpaint and not much else - and put their legs up on the monitors. And I could see right up his kilt. Interesting view!

Webmistress said...

That was INDEED an interesting discovery!


Thanks for sharing

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