Today, I want to remember my favorite dude from the Guns N' Roses troop. 

When I was a teenager, I was kind of in love with him. I can now admit openly that I dreamt about him.

Move aside! Teh tough guy has arrived.
Forget Axel Rose and his ridiculous pants, Izzy and his ugly headbands.

Duff was the deal

I liked his fluffy platinum blonde hair

and his cool attitude. 

 Move forward to the 21st century, year 2012. I think Duff McKagan has gotten old pretty...


 Don't you think? Am I the only one who liked this guy? Come out of your closets, ladies!

(Side note: I haven't written in a while. I was busy gestating and giving birth to another human being. Adulthood!).


Anonymous said...

I met Duff a few years ago, when his hair was short. . .I didn't realize it was him at first. He is one of the NICEST celebrities I've ever met and totally down to earth. Which makes him super hot!

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