He was been one of the hottest men in Metal.

Sebastian Bach Pictures, Images and Photos

So pretty he had an almost ladylike face

Sebastian Bach Pictures, Images and Photos

You might say he's not your type
sebastian bach Pictures, Images and Photos

But you can't say he is not as handsome as can be.

Sebastian Bach Pictures, Images and Photos

Warning: This post is picture heavy and includes current pictures of Sebastian Bach nowadays which might shock you.

shagrath Pictures, Images and Photos

Let's go back to metal and dedicate a few lines to the lovely teddy bear called Shagrath, man in charge of vocals in Dimmu Borgir and a few side projects.

Shagrath Pictures, Images and Photos

Because under all those layers of black and white make up hides a cute lovey dovey dude.

Maybe I should gather all the "not really metal but hot anyway" guys in a single post. Regardless...

The extreme hotness of Extreme guitarrist Nuno Bettencourt can't be denied.

Mmm mama, what lips!

Nuno Bettencourt @ Extreme Live Seoul 2008

Time has no doubt treated him very well, as you can see in the above 2008 picture.
I'm sorry to deviate from the norm and give Ville Valo his own entry.

VILLE VALO Pictures, Images and Photos

Some metal chicks will argue what this man does is not metal.

Ville Valo

Noone will argue this man is hotter than a summer day in the Sahara

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