The case of Apocalyptica deserves several entries because of the sheer gorgeousness of the members of the band.

Let's start with Perttu Kivilaakso (randomly chosen). Behold:

Oh... mama!

Beauty pours out of his every pore.

He plays cello for Apocalyptica, but he could well just stand there and do nothing...

just for us to see.

Women who attend Apocalyptica concerts, beware and take with you an extra pair of knickers. You'll need them.

The guys can be admired mom stop in their The Life Burns Tour, a highly recommended DVD from which i bring you an excerpt you can't miss!


Metalhead said...

A tie between Perttu and Vreth from Finntroll as the Prettiest Man in Metal!

Anonymous said...

Perttu is too handsome...Christ, what a beautil and talented man.

Anonymous said...

Perttu and Vreth are the hottest men in metal.

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